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Lush Greenery | KLCC

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) will leave you in admiration of its lush greenery, particularly coming from the concrete jungle of the Middle East.

Bearing in mind that Malaysia is the world's second-largest producer of Palm Oil, the landscape of Palm Trees can be seen from an hour trip from the airport to the city. Once in the area, you will appreciate how KLCC showcases its myriad of trees including the ideal roadside tree, Khaya, along with Angsana, Mahogany, Yellow Flame, Red Flame, and Rain Tree, among others.

Facing the famous Petronas Towers is Le Nouvel, coined as the Vertical Garden. The beauty of the dripping greenery of 230 climbing plant species covers its 8 facades. This architectural masterpiece plainly belongs in the heart of the city, taking its place in the forest-themed environment.

Adding to the foliage is the hibiscus, known as the Queen of Tropical Flowers. Kuala Lumpur boasts of its national flower by adorning the city with its distinctive red petals. The hibiscus, symbolizing the nation's opulence, passion, and progression, enhances the view of the city from its parks to the decorations of its streetlights.

As cited on the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) documentation on Malaysia's Garden Nation planning, "Trees and vegetation provide beauty and benefits to its residents. Trees along the streets and in the parks, around homes and businesses and in natural area throughout the city provide improved air and water quality, saving from decreased heating and cooling costs and increased property resale values." What is admirable about its implementation is how these trees are developed. Having this greenery all around, it is expected to have pests crawling in the area. Considering that the city has a record of 200 rainy days in a year, it is expected to have trees coming loose from the moistened soil, causing traffics, damaged properties and accidents. But roaming the city on a rainy day, you will see that the trees remain intact and no pests disturb the residents. How these greeneries are tended to keep the soil from eroding and how the density of the soil is managed to keep bugs and insects from occupying the area are simply remarkable.

Luxury Explorers is grateful to have experienced a sojourn in the luscious greenery amid the city center.


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